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CUPRA Ateca Limited Edition

CUPRA Ateca Limited Edition

Uniqueness is something you create.

We’re all born a blank canvas. With every choice we make, we become smarter, stronger and more distinct. The exclusive CUPRA Ateca Limited Edition is for those who define the concept of unique in their very own way.

Dashboard / Mirror case / Spoiler

Copper carbon fibre

Uniquely crafted elements.

Sophisticated carbon fibre material specially treated with copper wire braiding combines performance, style and CUPRA’s unique racing DNA in one.

Dashboard / Mirror case / Spoiler

Akrapovič exhaust pipes

Performance you can hear.

Lightweight, titanium-crafted Akrapovič exhaust pipes create a deeply resonant and invigorating sound to match CUPRA’s unconventional character. 20 units will feature this (when picking the Graphene Grey body colour).

Petrol Blue Alcantara®

Sporty sophistication.

Petrol Blue Alcantara® upholstery on the bucket seats, door panels and rear seats reinforces the Limited Edition’s uniquely CUPRA identity.

20″ copper alloy wheels

A passion for precision.

Improve performance on the road with 20″ alloy wheels in a copper finish and advanced 18″ Brembo brakes.

Colour range

Colours include Graphene Grey – a new addition exclusively available to the 20 CUPRA Ateca Limited Editions with the Akrapovič exhaust pipes – and Rodium Grey, heightening the CUPRA Ateca Limited Edition’s levels of sophistication are instantly evident.

Two crafted colours.

Graphene Grey

CUPRA Ateca Owner’s Manual