CUPRA x Extreme-E: an electric odyssey

True to our vision of electrification and performance, CUPRA is proud to take part in the 2022 Extreme-E series with our Germany-based motorsports and autotuning partners at ABT.

On the 19-20 February, the first race of 2022 is taking place in Neom, Saudi Arabia.

Neom was chosen as the perfect location for this race, with desert terrain sure to test the best of drivers.

Earlier this year, CUPRA announced it’s new driver line-up for the 2022 Extreme-E season, as well as unveiling the new vehicle that will power the team to success. 

Piloting the new vehicle will be four-time Dakar winner, Nasser Al-Attiyah (Qatar) (2011, 2015, 2019 and 2022) who will be partnering Jutta Kleinschmidt (Germany) (2001 Dakar winner).

This new driver pairing forms a key part of the team’s push to compete for podium places and race wins at every event on the calendar.

At the same event, the new CUPRA Tavascan XE was unveiled; a reimagination of the previous years’ vehicle. Equipped with a 54kWh battery, placed behind the cockpit which contributes to an optimal vehicle weight distribution, it can accelerate from 0 to 62mph (100km/h) in around four seconds.

Crucially, the CUPRA Tavascan XE is more sustainable and environmentally-focussed than before. It comes equipped with 3D-printed parts to improve adaptability and make repairing the vehicle far easier and quicker during the heat of a race.

The all-electric off-road racing vehicle hints at the design language that will be seen on the future series production CUPRA Tavascan, the brand’s second 100% electric model, reaching Europe and overseas markets in 2024.

ABT CUPRA XE has been part of Extreme E from the start and was the first automotive brand to announce its participation. The team’s debut season culminated in a fifth-place finish in the overall standings.

What is Extreme-E?

Extreme-E is an international off-road series that brings electric racing to some of the most remote parts of the globe and is the first racing series to bring together both male and female drivers. This year, a total of 5 races will be held in 5 extreme settings: desert, glacier, ocean, arctic and rainforest. The driving force behind the series is to highlight issues surrounding climate change. This prompted Extreme-E to start the Legacy programme, which will aim to provide social and environmental support for the locations where the races are held.


The new CUPRA Born is designed to evoke pure emotion, fusing radiant energy with a challenger spirit. 

CUPRA Tavascan

Meet the CUPRA Tavascan concept car, coming in 2024, CUPRAs all-electric road vehicle.

Electric & hybrid vehicles

Electric power, the CUPRA way. Discover more about our new range of electric and hybrid vehicles.


For some, new challenges may bring fear and uncertainty, but for others, it is these very challenges that push them forward. The ABT CUPRA XE team belongs to the second category and is ready to be the impulse leading the way to new challenges.

Taking part in Extreme-E supports and enforces global change, a cause that lies at the core of our motivation. With this year’s launch of the plug-in hybrid version of the CUPRA Formentor, as well as our first 100% electric vehicle, the CUPRA Born, we aim to advance further on our journey of electrification, offering progressive and emission-free performance to the world.

By taking part in this one-of-a-kind electric crusade, we are prepared for the uncertainty that will surely follow as we push the limits and embark on a path towards accelerating change.

The Extreme-E cars

The race incorporates One-Design cars. All competitors will have identical SUVs from the design to the engine, right down to the tyres. Each of the cars feature a 400kW battery with an output of 550HP and can reach 0-100KPH in just 4.5 seconds. In addition, they will be able to drive up a gradient of 55 degrees.

The racing car is manufactured by Spark Racing Technology, while the battery is produced by Williams Advanced Engineering. It features a niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frame, as well as crash structure and roll cage. The tyres are built to withstand extreme climate and temperature conditions and are supplied by founding partner Continental Tyres.


Meet the CUPRA team

We are proud to have the following drivers representing us as the ABT CUPRA XE team.

Jutta Kleinschmidt, 2022 ABT CUPRA XE driver, said: "I can’t wait to start the 2022 season. Last year we built a solid base and competed for the top places. This year, the challenge is to achieve race wins and podium finishes more consistently, and we are ready to do it. My passion for off-road racing fuels everything I do and sharing this passion with such a great team inspires me to perform my best on the track. I just want to start the season!".

Nasser Al-Attiyah, 2022 ABT CUPRA XE driver, said: "I’m very excited. I believe this is going to be a massive experience for me, as the Extreme E Championship is a step forward towards a better future. I’m proud to have joined the CUPRA tribe for this adventure, and I know we can do a great job. The team’s background, combined with the experience of Jutta and me, can consolidate all the great work so far. We are really determined, and the goal is to win. I can’t wait to be sat in the car and start having fun. Let’s make the most of this opportunity!"