Marcel Ostertag

Passion is never out of fashion.

Dancing taught me a lot about discipline and that also leaves its impact on my work as a fashion designer. I believe that even with all things that happens in life, it's important to focus on your dreams. I´ve dreamed about the fashion world and I went for it in spite of having another career: I had to do it.

It's a big thing for me to walk through life with eyes wide open. A big part of my inspiration comes from what I see on the streets of Berlin. But fashion design is more than just inspiration. More than passion, it needs training.    

" I create what I want and how I want "

I draw everything myself and I am very hands-on in all my projects, in a very old school kind of way. It's almost like meditation for me and it wouldn't have this effect if I used a computer to do it.

Regarding the materials, I am very exigent. That's why I always spend a lot of time at fabrics trade shows: it makes a big difference. Quality is decisive if you want your client not only to look good, but also to feel well.

I am also obsessed with details. That’s important to me because the details are what make my collections become timeless. I don’t just work for a niche as you might assume, given the limited numbers of each collection. I work for people who appreciate quality and attention to details, and people who love to wear something that only a very few people can have.

My work gives me the biggest satisfaction in life. When I receive a finished piece back from the dressmaker it must be the same feeling that a sculptor has looking at his finished sculpture.

I designed it, I chose the fabrics, created the print patterns - and then I see how it all comes together and becomes alive. That’s my passion, my life, my art.