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Business Contract Hire

A Business Contract Hire or BCH rental agreement is one of the most popular forms of leasing a car in the U.K. A Business Contract Hire lease works almost exactly the same way as a personal lease. You would select a car when visiting a Retailer– whilst at the Retailer you'll then agree the terms of the agreement with the Retailer on behalf of the leasing company. Your deal will have an initial rental that’s usually equivalent to a few month’s payments, and then monthly payments over the remaining period – often between two and four years.

What are the benefits?


Regular new vehicles

You can get a brand new CUPRA every 1-4 years


Tax and VAT benefits

Avoid taxes and VAT charges, business car leases don’t have to appear on your balance sheet.


Fixed monthly costs

We'll never surprise you with hidden costs, they are fixed and won't change.


Great warranties

Your cars will be protected by our 1-3 year warranties.



No value loss

Because you don’t own the vehicles, you won’t face the risk of a drop in the cars residual value.

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How would your agreement work?

Follow our guide to find out how a Business Contract Hire deal works:

  1. Your rental period

    Choose any period between 12 and 48 months.

  2. Mileage

    Let us know how many miles you expect to drive each year.

  3. Servicing

    Decide whether you'd like servicing, maintenance and tyre protection included as part of your agreement.

When the agreement ends

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When the agreement ends

It’s a simple choice. Hand the car back and decide whether or not you’d like to start another agreement.

It’s a simple choice. Hand the car back and decide whether or not you’d like to start another agreement.

Find your local Retailer

lease from home

We like to keep it simple, so there's only three steps to getting a lease agreement from home.


Step one

Find the CUPRA that does the business, get a quick quote, and apply for finance online.

Step two

Have a chat with one our experts at Volkswagen Financial Services. They’ll be able to put you a plan together that’s built around your needs.

Step three

We’ll deliver your new car to a CUPRA Retailer of your choice.

Need some help?

If you need a bit of guidance, the Volkswagen Financial Services Experts are here to help.

Call us: 0330 1008890

Email us: drive@vwfs.co.uk

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