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Solutions Personal Contract Plan

What is Solutions Personal Contract Plan?
There's not much that beats the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a new CUPRA, so Solutions Personal Contract Plan (PCP) is perfect if you want to change your car regularly.
Scroll down and we'll outline how Solutions Personal Contract Plan works, without overcomplicating it.


Solutions PCP benefits


Lower monthly payments

Solutions PCP agreements defers some of the car’s price until the end of the contract. This can bring down the monthly cost compared to other types of finance.

Guaranteed future value

Any new car will lose value over time but with Solutions PCP finance, your future value is agreed at the start of your contract. Giving you peace of mind.

Keeps your options open

There’s no pressure with Solutions PCP finance, you decide what to do with your car as the contract is coming to an end. This means you can do what works for you, when it works for you.

Get a new CUPRA more often

Avoid long-term ownership costs and get a new CUPRA regularly if you choose to trade your current car in for a new one at the end of your agreement. Perfect if you love that new CUPRA smell.

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How would an agreement work?

Once you’ve settled on the CUPRA you want, simply follow these steps to create your Solutions Personal Contract Plan:

  1. Choose your car

    Start by choosing your perfect CUPRA

  2. Place an optional deposit

    Either part-exchange or cash. There is no minimum deposit amount, and cannot exceed 50% of the vehicle value.

  3. Repayment period and mileage

    Opt for any repayment period between 18 and 49 months, and agree your annual mileage.

  4. At the end of the agreement

    You can choose from 3 flexible options at the end of your agreement, scroll down for the details.

Calculate finance

At the end of the agreement


Exchange the car

If you want to experience a new CUPRA, you can. You simply trade in your current car and use any equity to put towards a new CUPRA.

Keep the car

If you love your CUPRA enough to keep it, you can pay the option to purchase fee, and optional final payment. You'll then take full ownership of the car.

Return the car

If you don't want to update or keep the car, you can simply hand it back to us and settle any outstanding fees or charges (such as excess mileage or damage charges).

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