Owning your CUPRA Born

If you've recently taken delivery of a brand new CUPRA Born, you may have been too busy enjoying the pure electric drive to read the manual from cover to cover. Luckily, here's an easy guide to help you get the best out of your new Born from charging information to connecting your smartphone to access useful driving information and enjoy even more clever features.

A walkthrough of all the key features you’ll need to get the most from your Born.


Exterior features

Exterior design

Find out more on the exterior elements that make the Born award-winning.

Under the bonnet

As an all-electric vehicle, the components beneath the bonnet vary, and we explain these differences.

Interior features

Driving the Born

Learn about the changes required when driving an electric vehicle, when compared to a traditional ICE vehicle.


With a 12" display and a variety of features such as Wireless App Connect the infotainment system is special.

Multi-function steering wheel

Easily access the control of key features on your Born straight from your steering wheel.

Charging & connectivity

Charging your Born

Learn how to charge your Born whether at home or away; it is easier than you'd imagine.

MyCUPRA mobile app

As an internet connected vehicle there are many features available to you from your mobile phone. 

Driver assistance systems

The CUPRA Born comes with a host of assistance features designed to make driving and parking easier and safer.

Not all features described on the MyCUPRA app are currently available.