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CUPRA Tavascan: New innovation

  • CUPRA’s new model leads the way for the future design language of the brand that maintains its approach of challenging the norm.
  • After the world premiere in Berlin, CUPRA Design Director Jorge Diez talks about what it was like to create the 100% electric SUV coupé.
  • The CUPRA Tavascan is a revolution for the brand’s design with its new three-triangle eye signature in the headlights, illuminated logo and never-before-seen interior central spine.

Every new model begins with designers exercising their creativity. There are no limits. It has to stand out, catch you off guard, leading the way for the brand’s future design. This is the case with the CUPRA Tavascan. It was unveiled in 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept car that surprised onlookers with its bold lines and rule-breaking design. Four years later it once again astonished the world during its world premiere in Berlin, a model that hasn’t lost an ounce of its essence, maintaining CUPRA’s philosophy - if we can dream it, we can create it.

Tavascan Design Video

A piece of the future. When CUPRA Design Director Jorge Diez and his team began to sketch the outlines of a new electric SUV coupé proposal, they knew that some people would think it was too much: “When you want to create something unique, when you want to create a strong personality, you can’t please everyone. That would mean losing your identity. And that’s not what we do at CUPRA” says Diez, adding “as designers, we’re obliged to push the boundaries without thinking about what people might say, to follow our own way. That’s exactly what we did with the CUPRA Tavascan. It’s not a response to change; it’s the vehicle that creates it.”

Extremely emotional. The CUPRA Tavascan is the brand’s second 100% electric car. A model with a strong personality that expresses a new way of doing things. “The front dark mask gives it a sporty, unique identity, coupled with the progressive sculptural V-shaped bonnet design. Together they create a powerful feeling of tension” says the designer. Adding to this exterior design concept is the new front-end expression created by its three-triangle eye signature in the headlights. “They’re the new brand icon which, together with the illuminated logo for the first time, show the strong identity of CUPRA.”

New icons for the first in line. If the exterior of the CUPRA Tavascan has evolved into the brand’s future design, its interior is even more revolutionary. The character that Diez talks about is also present in its interior with its central spine. “For us it’s a piece of art that’s never been seen before, the most iconic piece of this interior that shows the skeleton that supports the entire dashboard to create a sculptured, futuristic interior” says the CUPRA Design Director. “These elements maximise the feeling of space in the cabin and, combined with the progressive ambient light, create a unique and characterful design language.”

One of us. April’s world premiere of the CUPRA Tavascan in Berlin was the result of years of work by a brand that has never ceased to amaze in the short time it’s been around, and that goes a step further with each new model. For the design team, it wasn’t just another premiere. “Every time we finally unveil a new model to the public is a very special moment for us. It’s a dream come true after so much hard work. Simply amazing” concludes Jorge Diez. 

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