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Big dreams begin with a few believers.

CUPRA celebrates “El Clásico”.

CUPRA presents this tribute to commemorate FC Barcelona’s journey to the first “El Clásico” in 1902. It is a true story of determination, narrated by Golden Globe recipient and Barcelona-born actor Daniel Brühl, illustrating the historic feat and the extraordinary individuals that would forever change the world of sports.    

FC Barcelona players walking down a tree-lined path

Back then, FC Barcelona had just barely established themselves as a football club, having just been formed a few years before on Joan Gamper’s initiative. Founded by amateurs based on their love of the sport, their training sessions would take place only when their schedules permitted, and they had no home pitch to regularly play on. 

But the founding members had an unrelenting drive to cultivate the sport. The chance to play in the now legendary match, albeit challenging, was an opportunity not to be missed. We follow some of the club’s players: Joan Gamper, Vicenç Reig i Falomir and Alfons Albéniz i Jordana, in the long journey they had to endure to make it to the capital. Leading them was Gamper, their respected founder and captain, who by then was an accomplished player, having scored the first goal of the club and holding an impressive scoring record in overall matches, as well as in a single match. Reig was one of the club’s most beloved members and hailed from a small village in Spain called Borriol. Barcelona-native Albéniz, son of the famed composer Isaac Albéniz, was at that time only 16 years old and would later go on to be the founder of refereeing committees in Spain and the first president of the “Comité Técnico de Árbitros”.

The journey to the capital would be rough. Far from home, they would find themselves playing not in a grand stadium, but rather in a horse racetrack, the “Hipódromo de la Castellana”, as football was not the popular sport it is now and it would be years before the first football stadium in Spain was inaugurated. The competition would be fierce. The match was gruelling. But their dedication and their love for the sport prevailed. FC Barcelona would go home with pride.

CUPRA and FC Barcelona share a determination and passion that made dreams into a reality in their respective fields: FC Barcelona’s triumphant journey to the first “El Clásico” and CUPRA’s creation of the brand’s first plug-in hybrid SUV, the CUPRA Formentor concept car.