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The new CUPRA Formentor VZ Edition

Reservations now closed.

Sometimes, a window of opportunity opens and the road ahead is yours for the taking. Reservations for the Formentor VZ Edition are now closed, so if you reserved your own, welcome to the club.

Have you reserved yours?

If you secured your Formentor VZ Edition with a deposit, congratulations – your new vehicle has been reserved by CUPRA UK. You can shortly finalise your order. No need to contain your excitement.

Choose a Retailer to finalise your order.

A member of the dedicated CUPRA UK Customer Service team will contact the depositors of this exclusive opportunity to choose a Retailer. Once a Retailer has been chosen, they will get back in touch to confirm the details and finalise the order.

It's here. Collect your car.

As soon as the Formentor VZ Edition is ready for collection, the chosen Retailer will be in contact with those who have placed a deposit. It's time to create your own path.

Interested in a Formentor?


Reservations for the exclusive Formentor VZ Edition are now closed – but new possibilities lie ahead. If you missed out on reserving the Formentor VZ Edition, you can explore a different Formentor model. 

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