Charging an electric car is easier and more convenient than you might think. Learn more.

Where can I charge?

Whether you need to top up your battery at home or on the go, you have more choice when it comes to charging than ever before.


At home

Thanks to our partners at Pod Point, installing a charger at home is simple. They will help guide you through the entire process, from an initial consultation to final installation.

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On the go

Finding a charger when you’re on the go has never been easier with the network of public charging stations growing at a tremendous rate. There are now almost 50,000 chargers at more than 18,000 locations across the country.

Many shopping centres and business premises offer dedicated charging facilities, and there are new ‘electric forecourts’ being planned at various spots around the country.

Plus, there is a variety of route-planning apps, such as Zap Map and A Better Routeplanner, that show you the locations of public charging stations, so finding one when you’re out and about shouldn’t be a problem.

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How to charge

Watch the video below to see how to charge your car


We have partnered with a number of established brands to make charging easy and convenient.


Octopus Energy & CUPRA

We’re proud to have partnered with green energy pioneers Octopus Energy to bring CUPRA drivers extra savings #.

If you sign up to Octopus Go, a 100% renewable smart tariff, when you buy your electric or e-HYBRID CUPRA, you’ll be given discounted rates between 0.30am and 4.30am every night. This cuts costs down to just 3p per mile* and could save you £90 off your bills. During peak hours, charging to 80% will also help keep costs down.

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Home charging with Pod Point

We’ve partnered with Pod Point to make installing a wall box for home charging easier than ever. Pod Point have installed more than 5,200 charging bays across the UK and will guide you through the entire process from a pre-installation consultation through to a full demonstration of how to use your charger once it’s installed.

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How you pay for charging

When you charge at home, the electricity you use will simply be added to your standard bills. While free public charging stations are becoming ever more common, some will require you to pay. Payment methods can vary, however most often you will pay either via a card or an app, this also covers public rapid chargers.



There are three main factors that can have an impact on how long it takes your electric car to charge.


Charging capabilities

Your car’s charge rate is set by its battery and on-board charger, which regulates how much power is drawn from a source. On-board chargers typically range in capacity from 3kW to 22kW, charge time is also affected by whether you’re charging at home or on the go. 

Size of the battery

The larger your car’s battery, the longer it will take to charge. For example, a 20 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery being charged with a 7kW charger will take around 2-3 hours to charge, a 40kWh battery would take around twice as long §.

Power of the charging unit

An electric car cannot charge faster than the charging unit’s maximum capacity. For example, if your car has a charging capacity of 11kW but the charger being used is 7kW, the car will charge at 7kW.

How much charge is added

Remember that you should only charge the battery to 80% (where possible) as opposed to fully, this not only makes charging quicker, but also helps preserve the battery’s lifespan.


The type of parking you have access to and how you charge is an important consideration when deciding on an electric or e-HYBRID car.


Off street and up to 100 miles:

If you have off street parking, you can install a home charging point through our partner Pod Point and charge whenever you like ±.

Off street and over 100 miles:

You may need to use a combination of both home charging and public charging points, which you can find using apps like Zap Map.

No off street/up to 100 miles:

If you park on the road or have charging points at work, then owning an electric or e-HYBRID car may still work for you, but you may need to share charging points with other cars. Apps like Pod Point and Zap Map can help you find chargers more easily.


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Models and Pricing

We offer a number of different models and trim levels. Explore our electric and e-HYBRID range to discover the car that’s perfect for you. 


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Build your perfect electric or e-HYBRID car.


* Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. Figures may not reflect real life driving results

** For 2022/23 tax year.​

# Customers who joined Octopus directly can still benefit from this great offer. However, if you joined via the Refer a Friend scheme or through one of their partners, and have already received a joining reward, unfortunately, you're not eligible for a free miles reward. If you're a gas and electricity customer, and haven't received a joining reward previously, you'll receive a £90 credit. If you're only with Octopus for one fuel type, you'll receive £45 credit. Send an email to to take advantage of the offer.

§ Actual charging times will vary depending on various factors, including the selected vehicle (and battery option, if available), the type of charger used, the level of charge in the battery, the age type, condition and temperature of the charger and the battery, the power supply, ambient temperature at the point of use and other environmental factors. Charging times will also be affected by the charging curve (for example, once charging passes 80%, charging will slow to protect the battery's longevity) and will be longer if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.

± Subject to contract with Pod Point and survey.  Exclusions, eligibility restrictions and terms and conditions apply. ​

‡ All prices shown are the manufacturer's recommended On The Road (OTR) retail price. Recommended On-The-Road (OTR) retail prices include: delivery charge, number plates, new vehicle registration fee, the first year's Vehicle Excise Duty and VAT (calculated at 20%).​

+ Estimated cost savings are based on average and user submitted data and are indicative only.  Actual results may vary and savings are not guaranteed.​

CUPRA UK may change recommended prices at any time (this includes where there are government changes in regulation and/or legislation). There may be a delay to any recommended prices displaying correctly on our materials. Always obtain prices from your chosen CUPRA Retailer.​

​Please note that some images and specifications may not reflect UK specification or may only be available as an option.​