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CUPRA Formentor-e-HYBRID in the countryside

EV&me by CUPRA

Discover if making the switch to a CUPRA electric vehicle or e-HYBRID is right for you, with the EV&me by CUPRA app.


App functionalities

The EV&me by CUPRA app helps you understand if making the switch to electric is right for you.



The JOURNEYS tab tracks your driving style and allows you to view a breakdown of distance, time, estimated battery usage, and the charging stations on your routes. It gives you a sense of how your journeys would compare if you did them in an electric or e-HYBRID car.


The COMPARE feature allows you to view the cost-saving you could have made if your journey was in a CUPRA electric or e-HYBRID vehicle*.


The MODEL section of the app gives you an overview of our electric and e-HYBRID models so that you can find the right one to suit your needs. Here you can see performances specs, charging times, and use your driving data to compare specific models. It also shows you the latest offers on our electric and e-HYBRID cars.


From learning about charging to how to maximise your range, the EXPLORE section gives you in-depth information on what it means to drive electric. It also contains information on grants and incentives as well as a range of helpful video guides, a full breakdown of the CUPRA range, and your nearest Retailer. You can even use it to request a test drive.



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* Estimated cost savings are based on average and user submitted data and are indicative only. Actual results may vary and savings are not guaranteed.