Get to know your CUPRA down to the last detail.

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The new CUPRA Born

The CUPRA Born; CUPRAs first ever all-electric car, blending sporty performance with style and comfort.

CUPRA Formentor 2020

The CUPRA Formentor: Progressive design gives sophistication a modern twist. With a range of engines up to 310hp for pure driving pleasure.

CUPRA Ateca 2020

The CUPRA Ateca: Bold, dynamic and unique design, it’s anything but a regular SUV. With 4Drive capable of conquering any terrain.


The concept of an SUV, redefined. The CUPRA Ateca brings two opposite worlds together: sophistication and sportiness.

CUPRA Leon 2020

The CUPRA Leon. The sporty hatchback that comes with in both engines, petrol and e-HYBRID versions for full performance or emission-free driving.


From the track to the streets. The Leon CUPRA is tamed for every day driving, yet can transform into a race car with its 290PS.

CUPRA Leon Estate 2020

The CUPRA Leon Estate: The family estate car available in petrol and e-HYBRID engine versions. With 4Drive and a maximum boot space of 1600l.

Leon CUPRA Estate

Pushing the limits of performance. This version of the Leon CUPRA is rebuilt with a more powerful engine for those who dare.

Leon CUPRA R Estate

Pushing the limits of performance and design. Sophisticated copper details, carbon fibre exterior parts and an even more potent engine.