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Make sure you have the latest map update for your navigation system. Updating your CUPRA navigation software will provide your system with the latest updates in new roads, itineraries and POIs all over your country.

The version code is specified in the format “YY.MM”. The update is performed if your vehicle has an older version code. You can check your version code in “menu - settings – vehicle information”.

All Europe

Albania *, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina *, Bulgaria *, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo *, Croatia *, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta *, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) *, Moldova *, Monaco, Montenegro *, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland *, Portugal, Romania *, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia *, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine *, Hungary, Vatican City, United Kingdom, Belarus *, Cyprus.



You will need a USB Stick with a minimum of 32 GB of storage to update your navigation data. You will need the “7-Zip” data compression system with Windows operating systems. You can download this program from the manufacturer’s website. You will need an unzipping program that supports the “tar” file format should you be using another operating system.

The map material requires more than 27 GB of storage capacity. This space needs to be available on your computer’s hard drive. Your computer’s hard drive needs to be formatted as an NTFS drive to enable your computer to handle files of this size. This is standard with newer computers; with older computers please check this in File Explorer by right-clicking on the relevant drive under the “Properties” menu option.



Use the “MENU” button to check what version of map material you are using in your Discover Pro. On your display, tap the “Setup” option and select “Version information”. The version status is specified in the format “Y Y.MM”. For example, if the status of the map material is from March 2020, the format “20.03” is displayed.



To download, click the link above. You will be able to access the relevant map material once you have selected your vehicle and radio navigation system. We recommend using a Download Manager on account of the large volume of data. The download may take several hours depending on the speed of your internet connection. The downloaded file is in tar format.

Download the complete file of the new version and save it on your computer in a separate folder (for example “Map update”).

The file shows the icon of the assigned program in front of the file name. If no program is assigned to the file type, a “blank sheet” is displayed as a symbol. .

Note: Computers with the Windows operating system usually have a preconfigured energy-saving function, which means that the computer goes into sleep-mode after a certain period of time if no further input is made. This can interrupt a download that is in progress or the map material is incompletely downloaded. We therefore recommend setting the sleep-mode to “Never” for the duration of the download.



Insert the USB Stick into the USB port of your computer. If your computer does not have a USB port, this can be connected to the computer using a suitable adapter.

Delete all files on the USB Stick or reformat your USB Stick.

The USB stick must be formatted in the “exFAT” or “NTFS” format so that it can be recognized by the Discover Pro.

The formatting process depends on your operating system. With a Windows operating system, you need to access the USB Stick drive and right-click on “Format”. The manufacturer will provide information for other operating systems.



Right-click on the file with the extension “tar”. Select “7-Zip” in the window that appears and in the next window click on “Open”. To avoid loss of data or even damage to the file system on the USB Stick, log out of the USB Stick before you remove it (safely remove hardware and eject the medium).

Select “Extract”. In the next window select the drive letters of the USB port in which the USB Stick is inserted onto which the map material is to be unzipped. Alternatively, the map material can also be unzipped onto your computer and then moved onto the USB Stick.

Once the material has been successfully unzipped, remove the USB Stick from the USB port.

Note: If the map update is performed using the apple® OS-X operating system you may find that discover pro does not recognize the map material or displays it incorrectly. This is due to a lack of compatibility between the “7 zip” program and the OS-X operating system. In addition, the OS-X operating system tends to create hidden additional files on external data media . We therefore recommend that OS-X users use the “KEKA” unzipping program. We also recommend using the “clean my drive” program to remove any hidden files.



Insert the USB Stick into the USB port on your vehicle.

Turn on the ignition.

The update starts automatically and takes place in the background.

The successful update can be traced via the version information under “Navigation database”. The version status is updated if the map material you have installed is more current than the last installed status. If the map material has been updated in the meantime via the online map update and is more current than the map material you downloaded, the version status will not be changed.

Note: The ignition must be left on while the data is being copied. Please ensure that the battery voltage is high enough to carry out the update (when the vehicle is stationary, switch off all electrical equipment that is not required, e.g. lighting, blowers, seat heating etc.). Connect a charger to the vehicle’s battery, if necessary. If the process is interrupted – for example, by parking the vehicle – the copying process automatically continues at the point at which it was interrupted as soon as the ignition is switched on. You also have the option of updating the navigation data online. Navigation data for frequently travelled regions are automatically updated in the background if there is an internet connection and valid privacy setting (privacy settings).