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CUPRA has spent the past four years reinventing motorsport and going out to win, developing the e-Racer – the world’s first 100% electric touring car – and recording achievements in competitions like the FIA ETCR series and Extreme E. We are a brand with racing in our DNA, and with big ambitions for sustainable racing.

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ABT & CUPRA Formula E Team

With our ambition to become a fully electrified brand by 2030 – we were ready for the next stage of our development and joined ABT to compete in the world’s leading electric racing competition, Formula E. It was a natural step for us as we strive to transform the racing world and prove that electrification and performance are a perfect match.

ABB FIA Formula E – the world’s first all-electric FIA World Championship and the only sport that has been net-zero certified since its inception – shares our racing DNA and reaches a diverse audience that shares a common attitude. It’s a group made up of technology and innovation enthusiasts that merge the physical and digital worlds. Like CUPRA, Formula e is present in the metaverse with an official blockchain racing game, and both brands reach individuals that value sustainability and are passionate about racing and performance.

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"Racing is at The Core of CUPRA’s DNA’’

"At CUPRA we go out to win. It’s the right time to take the next leap forward and join the world’s greatest electric motorsport competition, and I can’t wait to see the ABT CUPRA Formula E team competing in the heart of some of the world’s most iconic cities. Formula E is a unique motorsport platform for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to create emotions and continue to prove that electric motorsport is not boring, but rather goes hand in hand with extreme performance.” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA.

The ABT CUPRA team is made up of drivers Lucas di Grassi (Brazil) and Nico Müller (Switzerland). The ABT CUPRA Formula E team’s participation in the “KönigKlasse” of all-electric performance racing platforms gives global visibility for the brand and technical innovation capabilities. Both ABT and CUPRA will reinforce their relationship as main partners in the team and Mahindra Racing will supply the powertrain technology.

CUPRA already partners with ABT for Extreme e, and the two brands are both electric racing pioneers. ABT has seen great success in Formula e with its own team, and CUPRA began its electric motorsport journey by developing the world’s first all-electric touring car, the e-Racer. Our ongoing partnership is proof of our shared vision of reinventing the world of motorsport through electrification.

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Behind the stats of Formula E’s most experienced driver

Brazilian racer Lucas di Grassi talks about his first impressions with his ABT CUPRA FE team after pre-season testing in Valencia last October

ABT CUPRA FE team warms up in Valencia for the 2024 season

Following the incorporation of new driver Lucas di Grassi, the ABT CUPRA FE team is in Valencia gearing up for a new season starting off in Mexico on 13th January 2024.

Lucas di Grassi joins ABT CUPRA for the new Formula E season

Lucas di Grassi, the most successful Formula E driver in history, is returning to the competition to form part of the ABT CUPRA team for the new season, which kicks-off in Mexico on 13 January.

Adam Tambay wears the number 27 at Berlin E-Prix rookie tests

The CUPRA driver challenges himself at the wheel of the ABT CUPRA team's Formula E car in the rookie tests at the Berlin E-Prix. He once again wears the number 27 on his helmet.

ABT CUPRA team gears up for Round 2 & 3 of Formula E

The team arrives in Diriyah, ready to build on the momentum of the team's debut race in Mexico City. Nico Muller is joined by substitute driver Kelvin van der Linde as Robin Frijins recovers from a hand injury.

ABT CUPRA experiences tough Formula E in Mexico

While Nico Muller managed a 14th place finish, his teammate Robin Frijins retired right at the start of the race after a collision. The Dutchman suffered a fracture to his hand.

ABT CUPRA ready for their Formula E race debut in Mexico City

The ABT CUPRA team arrives in Mexico City, fully charged and ready for the opening round of the 2023 FIA Formula E Championship. CUPRA also displayed its Urban Rebel Racing concept car, hosting 100 guests for their debut of the season.

The ABT CUPRA team hits the track for the first time

The team enjoyed a successful first test of it's Gen 3 Formula E Season 9 car at Valencia. Drivers Robin Frijins and Nico Muller got to test out the fastest, lightest and most powerful electric single-seater car ever.

CUPRA joins ABT to compete in Formula E

ABT CUPRA will compete in ABB FIA Formula E from 2023, the competition brings electric racing to the heart of the world's most iconic cities.

Formula E 2024 Season



Round 1

13th January 2024

Mexico City, Mexico

Round 2

26th January 2024

Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Round 3

27th January 2024

Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Round 4

10th February 2024


Round 5

24th February 2024


Round 6

16th March 2024

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Round 7

30th March 2024

Tokyo, Japan

Round 8

13th April 2024

Rome, Italy

Round 9

14th April 2024

Rome, Italy

Round 10

27th April 2024

Monaco, Monaco

Round 11

11th May 2024

Berlin, Germany

Round 12

12th May 2024

Berlin, Germany

Round 13

25th May 2024


Round 14

8th June 2024

Jakarta, Indonesia

Round 15

29th June 2024

Portland, USA

Round 16

20th July 2024

London, England

Round 17

21st July 2024

London, England

Our commitment to electric motorsport doesn't stop there

Creating the e-Racer led us to join The FIA ETCR World Cup– the world’s first all-electric touring car championship – where the team claimed the Driver’s and Manufacturer’s championship double in both 2021 and 2022. In 2022, CUPRA EKS’ drivers took all top-three places in the season’s final standings. The CUPRA e-Racer was by far the fastest and most reliable car in the competition for the second year in a row. 

Participating in Extreme E – the global electric-SUV off-road competition that highlights natural environments under threat from climate change – complements the way that we are moving towards an electrified range by the end of this decade and we share the competition’s belief in the importance of highlighting the issues caused by climate change.

Back in 2018, CUPRA’s ambition was to reinvent racing. Thanks to a few believers with big dreams, the brand has continued to challenge racing performance and pioneer new formats of the sport, creating new emotions and experiences.

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