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CUPRA has collaborated with responsible fashion design studio RÆBURN, to create a series of designs that celebrate sustainability, style and performance.

To mark CUPRA’s first fully electric vehicle, CUPRA Born, RÆBURN has designed a bespoke wrap of the car and a fully-sustainable fashion piece using RÆBURN’s signature parachute design.

Creative Director at RÆBURN, Chris Raeburn, revealed the exclusive CUPRA Born collaboration on Tuesday 22nd November at Protein Studios in London. The partnership has been born out of both brands’ passion for creating powerful, stylish and sustainable pieces, without compromises.

Chris Raeburn has worked closely with CUPRA to augment everything CUPRA embodies - sustainability, style and performance - and take the CUPRA Born to a whole new level of ‘fashionable’.

The bold and eye-catching CUPRA Born wrap draws on RÆBURN's iconic parachute, overlaid across bright shades of orange and brown in a geometric pattern, emphasising the electric car's sporty lines.

Creating the design, RÆBURN set about combining its colour blocked construction style with natural textures and shades, bringing to life the CUPRA Born’s challenger spirit, sportive energy and sustainable commitment - all in one design.

RÆBURN has also created a bespoke fashion design, using SEAQUAL® YARN, a material made of recycled marine litter from the Mediterranean, that’s used in all CUPRA interiors; the two-piece womenswear design also incorporates RÆBURN’s iconic parachute material. 

The outfit has been created with RÆBURN’s RÆMADE ethos at heart - reworking surplus fabrics and garments to create innovative and functional pieces.

The fashion piece has been on show at RÆBURN’s studio in Hackney.

Chris Raeburn, Creative Director of RÆBURN comments: “Everything I create is designed to be stylish, responsible and practical, so I was really excited to work with a brand like CUPRA that echoes this in everything they do. It’s been really interesting learning about the sustainable materials used in the all-electric CUPRA Born and working with these to create a bespoke piece. I’m really happy to have brought the CUPRA Born’s sustainable and sleek touches to life through my designs and to be supporting the switch to electric vehicles.”

Andy McGregor, Head of Marketing at CUPRA UK adds: “At CUPRA, we delight in challenging car industry norms; and when it came to the creation of our first all-electric CUPRA Born, it was important that we explored every possible way to optimise its sustainability credentials. We’re delighted to offer the customer a choice of recycled interiors with reformed plastic sea waste in SEAQUAL® Yarn and also recycled polyesters. CUPRA is fast becoming known for its standout design too, so partnering with a sustainable studio like RÆBURN was the perfect fit. We hope this collaboration will amplify just how powerful, sustainable and stylish all-electric mobility can be!”

RÆBURN is a collaborative, creative fashion studio where daily design meets responsible production, alongside regular events, discussions and workshops.

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