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Challenge CUPRA

Challenge CUPRA

As a fleet manager, I’d like to electrify my fleet. Where do I start?

Your dedicated CUPRA for Business team can help support you with all of your fleet needs and not just with vehicles!


Each of our Area Fleet Managers (AFM) has a certification in renewable energy and is able to confidently help you navigate the intricacies of the transition to battery-electric powertrains.


Why not book a meeting with us to help you address your Fleet electrification questions.

Can you help me with an electrification strategy?

We want to help you get the most out of your relationship with us.  We know fleet requirements can be unique, but as a partner we want to help you understand the steps to electrifying your fleet.


We help you understand what to do when and can help you overcome any challenges you have along the way. Why not start your journey to electrification with CUPRA today.

I need help with EV charging. Where do I start?

EV charging can be complex and difficult to navigate. We can help you understand the different type of vehicles available, charging, range and running costs. We also have a series of enablement partners to help you build the right infrastructure to support your chosen fleet.


Each of our Area Fleet Managers has undertaken a certification in renewable energy and will confidently help you navigate any concerns you may have regarding EV infrastructure.


Book a meeting and challenge us to help you with your infrastructure questions.