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CUPRA Availability

CUPRA Availability

How quickly can I get an electric car?

Some of our CUPRA Born models are available in a matter of weeks. Company car drivers should contact their Fleet Manager in the first instance. Fleet decision makers, please speak to your Area Fleet Manager for more information and to place your order.

What cars are available to order now?

The CUPRA range caters for every need, and our latest models can be found on our CUPRA Fleet Range page. You can also find out about all the key specifications and price points.

Do you have a Plug-in Hybrid with an electric range of more than 40 miles?

Due on sale in 2024, the CUPRA Terramar is a new plug-in hybrid SUV, which will offer around 60 miles of range in all-electric mode.


We plan to share more about this exciting vehicle including the design, interior, and specifications later in 2024.

Do you have an all-electric SUV?

Our new all-electric SUV coupe - the CUPRA Tavascan - will launch in 2024. You can find out more about this all-electric SUV coupe and register your interest to receive more updates on our website.

Do you have an all-electric supermini?

We recently announced our urban electric supermini, the CUPRA Raval, named after a district in our home city of Barcelona. The vehicle is due to go on sale in 2025.